Recording Music for The Gardener 1988 / by Ellen Fullman

Featured in Deborah Hay’s Re-Perspective, Tanz im August Festival, Berlin, Sophiensaele
The Man Who Grew Common in Wisdom:
August 16, 21:00
August 17, 19:00
August 18, 19:00

Staggered Stasis was written for The Navigator. Chord changes hover around a theme of Pythagorean intervals, microtonal shifts occur in a staggered fashion. There is a flatness in this drama, like what I imagine it must be like to be alone in the middle of an ocean.

Music for the Gardener uses the image of a curbside garden decorated with bits of broken glass and scrap wood. Recordings of these materials are manipulated with a Prophet sampler to build an audio mosaic out of discarded things.

Music for the Aviator is rooted in Deborah’s directive: “We contain the mystery, but we don’t know what it is.” The music illustrates this concept as a day at the circus with calliope music, starter pistols, large crowds and abrupt disturbances.

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