Duo with Konrad Sprenger

Konrad Sprenger and Ellen Fullman were introduced by Arnold Dreyblatt and first began to collaborate in Berlin in 2000 while Ellen was there on a D.A.A.D. fellowship. The initial concept was to record a cover version of  Woody Guthrie's, "I Ain't Got No Home." 

Their collaboration continued with new arrangements for Fullman's own songs, and resulted in the critically acclaimed release, “Ort”, in 2004 on Sprenger's label, Choose Records.

In 2013 Sprenger set-up his newly completed computer-controlled electric guitar in Fullman’s Berkeley studio for a three-week session. This project debuted at AngelicA, 2016. Forthcoming performances include Techtonics, Athens, June 16, 2017. 

Sprenger’s guitar outputs each string to it’s own loudspeaker in a 6-speaker array. The guitar is precisely tuned in Fullman’s just intonation system. Sympathetic resonances from the guitar reinforce the upper partials of the long string instrument. This duo conjures a mesmerizing folk music band. Immersed in the diffusion of the room phantom instruments arise: banjo… harmonica… horns… cello… fancy guitar picking… organ…