The piece, entitled “Harbors”, evokes ghosts of renegade string sections and Ennio Morricone’s harmonica motifs. The increasingly colorful mélange of wavering notes and their errant reflections sound like the thrum of vibrant light.
— Sam Lefebvre, Impose Magazine

Ellen Fullman and Theresa Wong's duo "Harbors" maps the intricate weaving of harmonic pitch sets of the Long String Instrument and the cello. They have reverberated spaces of the Click Festival in Helsingør, Denmark, Transformer Station in Cleveland, The Lab in San Francisco, MOCAD Detroit, Nief Norf Summer Festival at UT Knoxville and the School of Creative Media in Hong Kong among others. 

Theresa Wong’s cello tones rattled and hummed and breathed across the space in a startlingly gorgeous juxtaposition with the Long String Instrument. Throughout their performance at the minimalism conference, Fullman and Wong layered the sounds of their instruments into a miraculous soundscape that defied linguistic description. At one point, I realized I was crying. 
— Rebecca Lentjes, VAN Magazine