Berkeley Art Museum, December 4, 2009


Event Locations No. 2
(preview excerpt)

Filmed at the Headlands Center for the Arts, December 19, 2011.
Mark Willsher, audio recording
Theresa Wong, video recording

Forthcoming on Important Records, May 2011

Empty Building, trailer for documentary film in post production by NU Films, directed by François Boetschi. Footage was taken during residency collaboration with Jörg Hiller at Theatre Arsenic, Lausanne Switzerland, 2005


Work for Four Players and 90 Strings, 1987, Austin

Filmed by Myrna Joy Baird
Featuring Jane Botkin, Daniele Massie and Metis Policano



Long String Instrument installation, Terminal NY, 1983
camera: Hank LInhart




Streetwalker, 1980, Minneapolis
camera: Bob Doyle